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About SA Tank Terminals


SA Tank Terminals provides tailor-made facilities for various external customers allowing them to operate locally, without the necessity of incurring large site establishment costs and onerous regulatory requirements.

The terminal is conveniently located 3,6 km to the N3, and 15 km to the N17, therefore providing easy access to major industries. Being an independent stand-alone storage terminal, SA0Tank0Terminals is able to provide a fast turn-around time when moving our customers’ liquid assets.

SA Tank Terminals holds the necessary regulatory and environmental permits required for the operation of a terminal of this nature. These are essential for our commercial viability and long-term environmental sustainability.

The following licences and permits ensure that the terminal can operate in our environment:-

  • Nersa Licence
  • Air Emission Licence
  • Major Hazard Installation

An environmental authorisation has been granted to the terminal by the Department of Environmental Affairs allowing for the construction of an additional 80 million litres capacity in the future.

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